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  • Losing Weight & Keeping it off

    We have the steps to lose weight
    The key to successful weight loss is a
    commitment to making permanent
    changes in your diet and exercise habits.

    Dr. Herrera can tell you more on your
    first visit. Call today!
  • Tired of being controlled?

    We now offer

    Kick the habit

  • Loss Treatment

    Baldness typically refers to excessive hair loss
    from your scalp. Some people prefer to let their
    baldness run its course untreated and unhidden.

    We offer a variety of hair loss solutions for
    men and women personalized to meet your
    individual needs

  • Hurting? Can't sleep?

    We can help!

    Pain management is important for ongoing pain control, especially if you suffer with long-term or chronic pain. After getting a pain assessment, your doctor can prescribe pain medicine, other pain treatments, or psychotherapy to help with pain relief.

Our Mission

We strive to make your visit as quick as possible and get you back on your normal daily routines.
Our dedicated staff can provide the assistance and guidance you need to begin a healthier lifestyle today!